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Ways to de-stress with BalanceTime

From reducing stress, to helping you sleep better, from increasing focus and resilience to helping you escape anxiety, worry and frustration. We offer a number of different ways for you to discover mindfulness meditation and explore practical ways to make this a part of your life. From group workshops, to private one-to-one coaching to home or work based group workshops tailored to you. We aim to help you to find your balance, enjoy some quality 'me-time' and tap into the health benefits of a regular meditation practice. 

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The Two Holiday: This two hour class is a playful mix of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation. Designed to help you recreate happy holiday feelings and memories. It includes a few tastes of holiday and a few props to trigger your imagination and induce smiles. Suitable for complete beginners to meditation and those with some experience. This aims to be a fun and interactive experience to help you leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and as if you have had a mini break.

60 Minute Mini Break: This 'mini holiday' themed class mixes mindfulness and meditation and relaxation exercises to help you to take a break and feel as if you have been away. Includes a few tastes of holiday and props to trigger your imagination and help you to unwind.
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Relax, refresh and re-balance - experience and learn a mix of meditation exercises aimed to help 'reboot' your brain and body to help you feel refreshed and refocused. This workshop can be geared to workplace settings and is run for anyone to enjoy from our public courses.  You can also book for a one-to-one experience. Suitable for complete beginners and those with some mindfulness or meditation experience looking to enjoy the calming energy of these gentle meditations.
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Preparing for your baby is a time that can leave you feeling anxious and concerned. You know you and baby will be happier and healthier if you can avoid stress but it doesn't make it any easier. We run a calming meditation class especially geared for parents to be - with enough time to share and raise questions and enjoy a relaxing cup of calming tea. This helps mums-to-be learn meditations to help you relax and that can be powerful visualisation aids during labour to help you stay calm and make your birth a less stressful experience. We also offer one-to-one support - face to face or remotely via Skype or Facetime so you can plug into a meditation exercise series geared specially for you and your baby. 
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This workshop series - offers one hour, 90-minute and two hour classes sharing a range of mindfulness meditation exercises that you can take into your life to help reduce stress. Designed to help you to unwind and find your inner calm as well as sharing helpful and simple exercises to help you to use mindfulness and meditation to keep stress at bay, everyday.
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This workshop series offers one hour, 90 minute and two hour relaxation classes sharing mindfulness meditation exercises to help you to find a space of calm. By exploring kindness in meditation we show you how building compassion can be a powerful exercise to help find peace in challenging times.  
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Use relaxation and mindfulness meditation to help boost your confidence and set and achieve your goals for body, health and fitness.  Discover how bringing focus and calm to your mind can be a energetic boost to your whole body. Includes tea, coffee and a chocolate meditation!

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Meditation with sound – workshop exploring chanting, drumming, journeying and music to help you relax and refresh body and mind
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ONE - 2 - ONE

Why consider one-to-one meditation? 
If you are new to meditation and are uncertain about a group class environment a one-to-one coaching session will help you learn techniques and ask questions in confidence without worrying about anyone else present.

If you have some experience of mindfulness or meditation a one-to-one class or programme can help you to build up experience of techniques that work best for you.  You don’t need to waste time on exercises that you find uncomfortable (or you may choose to work on more challenging exercises to shift bad habits or negative thought patterns) – but you can do so in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment – where you can ask questions and get answers specific to your challenges. Even when following a set course – the one-to-one programmes adapt and tailor to your needs to help you get the most out of your meditation coaching experience. 

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Refocus and rediscover you by giving your brain (and body) some me-time and calm. Mindfulness and Meditation are scientifically proven to give a range of health benefits – this class shares how to tap into some of these benefits for you.
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Relaxing and re-balancing mindfulness meditation classes to explore postures and techniques to help you to get over distractions when you try to meditate and be mindful.
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Time For You Mindfulness Meditation five week course at Floating Point Pangbourne starts Thursday 11th January 2018 - 7.45-8.45pm

Relax and rebalance workshops start at Theale Wellbeing Centre with our taster evening on Tuesday 16th January 2018 - 6.30-9.30pm

5 week courses help you to explore how to meditate and tap into a space of inner calm for increased happiness or deepen and enhance your mindfulness practice. Each week explores techniques to help you to tap into the stress reducing health benefits of mindfulness meditation. 

Small group classes enables you to experience your own individual meditation practice with no pressure to share your experience with other class participants if you don't want to. 

Note the evening classes areopen classes - so you can choose to join one or two workshops in the series if you can't make the 5 week programme.
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Theale Wellbeing Centre is in the heart of Theale village just off junction 12 of the M4 with easy access from Reading, Burghfield, Bradfield and surrounding villages. BalanceTime mindfulness meditation classes run from the centre most Tuesday evenings - with new day-time classes starting this Summer and special events at weekends throughout the year. Click on what's on to see the next classes and courses. 


Floating Point, Pangbourne is an oasis of calm in the centre of Pangbourne village just minutes from Reading with easy access from Goring, Whitchurch, Tidmarsh and Tilehurst, Upper Basildon and surrounding villages. Their relaxing yoga and meditation studio hosts BalanceTime mindfulness meditation classes almost every Thursday evening from 8-9pm and look out for our regular weekend workshops and day-time classes coming this Summer.
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