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Discover a fresh approach to stress reduction through BalanceTime's mindfulness meditation workshops, retreat days, one-to-one coaching and tips. 

Mindfulness Meditation teacher Judy has over 15 years practical experience, combined with qualifications from the British School of Meditation, alongside coaching and corporate communications training. She works with a host of other experts to build fun and practical workshops for you to learn, enjoy and rediscover your spark.

We have regular workshops and courses in Theale on Tuesday evenings, Pangbourne on Thursday evenings - and at various venues one Saturday every month. See what's on [link] or get in touch for full details. Find out how to host your own private Mindfulness Meditation event at home, work or for your local group by getting in contact [insert contact form link]


There are many approaches to help you learn mindfulness or meditation and often they follow a specific set of rules and techniques. We believe that meditation is like exercise - there are many different ways to do it - and they are all good for your health - but different exercises will help achieve a different outcome. Different people find certain physical exercises easier and more enjoyable - some of us love yoga, others love to run or play a team sport like netball or football, some of like martial arts, tai chi or often a combination of different exercises according to how we feel and what we need. For us finding a way to bring mindfulness meditation into your life is the same. For this reason we teach a balanced approach to meditation that helps you learn and experience a number of different meditation techniques - you get to explore what you like and what you don't and you get to relax in the process.

Experienced professionals join particular workshops to offer additional expertise and insights - including a magical reiki meditation workshop, massage for body and mind, and work out and wind-down (with exercise and fitness alongside meditation).


"We're all searching for a little BalanceTime" 
"Mindfulness meditation helped me avoid burn out in a high stress PR career, it is like a friend you can call on at any time to help you find some breathing space and refocus. 

I still work (part-time) in PR and juggle life with a young family. Most of the time, I genuinely I love the pressure and varying demands.  Balancing this with the therapeutic teaching of meditation, is a wonderful way for me to keep in tune with the 'normal' pressures of everyday life and apply my own meditation practices to help with greater harmony. I am not a zen master of inner peace, but prefer to think of myself as a constant student of life's meditation magic that aims to share my learnings to help you find ways to overcome obstacles in your path with a positive calm state of mind". 

Judy is a Communications and Events consultant, team building and Mindfulness Meditation Trainer with over 15 years’ experience including formal certifications in marketing, PR, and Meditation. She combines mindfulness meditation tools with practical applications to trigger creativity, boost focus and as an aid to reduce stress and induce relaxation. 
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